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Balloon Decor Descriptions

Balloon Arch- The most well known form of balloon décor next to the balloons on string.  Arches can be framed or unframed, and be made in a variety of patterns and shapes.

Balloon Columns – Free standing balloon structure where groups of balloons are set directly on top of each other in various ways.  There are many different shapes and patterns that the column could have, though the most widely known is the spiral pattern.  

Balloon Column Lamps – (Lighted Balloon) - these are really elegant and elicit a “Wow” response- this refers to balloon columns that have a balloon on top (often a jumbo balloon) that has a light bulb inside of the top balloon.  The light can be a soft light, all the way to a bright bulb with a 100 watt output.  Your balloon professional will know which lights work best without getting too hot. 

Balloon Drop - Often seen on New Year’s Eve or at political conventions.  There is a bag of balloons on the ceiling, and at a given cue, a cord is pulled releasing all the balloons inside.


Balloon Wall/Backdrop - A wall or backdrop made out of balloons.  It can be made with a hard structure, like a steel grid, or made from a series of garland that is put together.  


Bold Spiral Pattern (Columns and Arches) – The spirals on the left are a Bold Spiral, the spiral on the right is a standard spiral.  Applies to any Garland based design, primarily arches and columns.

Branded Décor - Balloon décor that features a brand, logo or slogan, or a sculpture that is in the shape of a logo. Legal permission from the brand holder is required to duplicate protected designs.

Column Based Sculpture - this style of balloon sculpture is based on a single baseplate and pole, and uses a technique of varying the balloon size to create the sculpture.  

Unique Fantasy Flowers - Creative flowers made out of un-inflated balloons.  This technique creates incredibly real looking flowers that will last much longer than live florals.



Foil Balloons - the correct term for what is more popularly referred to as “foil” balloons.  The term “mylar” actually belongs to the DuPont company, and they haven’t used it to make balloons for a very long time.  Foil balloons can be Air Filled and wrapped onto a Frame décor that needs to last a long time, even months.

Balloon Photo Frames:  Balloon photo frames are often square or rectangular in shape with leg bases.     We can customize the photo frame for almost any occasion including specific colors for schools, party and event colors.


Gumball Balloon – A larger balloon with smaller balloons inside. Typically a 3’ balloon with dozens of smaller ones. Ask about how these can be small balloon drops.


Organic Balloon Décor - Organic balloon décor consists of a variety of balloons inflated to different sizes to form the elegant shape of the art piece.  A variety of designs can be organically designed such as an arch, a table centerpiece, a table runner, and a balloon wall or backdrop.  Organic balloon décor can often be enlightened and upgraded with greenery such as a variety of foliage and/or florals.  It can also be enhanced with twisted balloons.




Sculpted Columns – (Greek/Roman/Princess Columns)- Balloon columns where the top and bottom layers of balloons have a wider girth than the center layers of balloons.

Spray – Many Entertainer balloons “spraying” out. Used as column accents, greenery for jungle garden themes for example, or as ceiling décor.  Add some attitude with Baubles or Flowers.


Topiary - Balloons tied together into a round shape that can either be filled with helium (limited supply due to helium shortage) and floated, or air-filled and hung, or placed on poles.


Topiary Centerpiece – A specific style of balloon centerpiece that is commonly air-filled and supported by a pole or stand. 

Tunnel- A 3-dimensional structure that people can walk through- often used at the entrance to a room. 

Twisted Balloons - The figures made from the long skinny balloons that are twisted together. To distinguish between the output of a balloon entertainer (twisted balloons) and non round balloons used as décor (balloon figures).